For the Body

Pure Essential Lavender Oil Pure Essential Lavender Oil

Essential lavender oil has many uses. It’s in our liquid hand soap, bug spray, and candles. Use for aromatherapy and headaches. When I was pregnant I couldn’t use my migraine medicine, so my mom told me to use lavender oil. Dab a little on your temples and relax for a while. Use also for burns, bites, and to help you fall asleep. Contains a blend of augustafolia lavendula oil

Net wt. ½ ounce | $10.00

Amy's All Natural Lemon Lavender Bug RepellentAmy’s All Natural Lemon Lavender Bug Repellent

Mosquito’s love my family so much, and I don’t like to use chemicals that don’t work.  So, I decided to create one that’s all natural, smells great, and works!   Contains essential oils.

Net wt. 4 fluid ounces     |     $8.00


Lavender Happiness Hand & Body LotionLavender Happiness Hand & Body Lotion

Our all natural hand and body lotion moisturizes, nourishes, and softens without leaving your skin feeling greasy with a light scent of lavender.

Net Wt. 8 fluid ounces     |     $10.00


Aunties Rejuvinating Foot CreamAuntie’s Rejuvenating Foot Lotion

Tired sore feet become happy reenergized feet.  Apply a small amount and rub in before bed ~ in the morning wake up revived and refreshed.  All natural ingredients including essential oils of lavender and peppermint.

Net wt. 4 ounces     |$15.00

Livie and Tilly’s All Natural Liquid Lavender Hand SoapLivie and Tilly’s All Natural Liquid Lavender Hand Soap

I created this soap with the help of my daughters.  They wanted it to smell like our lavender field in bloom, and I wanted it to be all natural and antibacterial.  It has a rich lather with a gentle smell of lavender, leaving your hands clean and soft.

Net wt. 8 fluid ounces   |   $10.00

Lavender Happiness Body Mist
Lavender Happiness Body Mist


On those hot summer days to cool off ~ or anytime you’d like to feel like you just walked thru a field of lavender, spray on a little lavender mist.  Also can be used on your linens.

Net wt. 4 fluid ounces   |   $7.00

Livie’s Lavender Lip BalmsLivie’s Lavender Lip Balms

Soothe your dry chapped lips with our heavenly lip balms.  Available in 5 uniquely different flavors.  Lavender, Lavender and Peppermint, Lavender and Blackberry, Lavender and Vanilla, and Lavender and Lime..  Contains beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and essential oils.

Net Wt. .15 ounces    |     $3.50


Simply Lavender Bubble Bath
Simply Lavender Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t love to relax in a great bubble bath!  Close your eyes and you’ll think your in the middle of a lavender field.

Net wt. 8.5 fluid ounces | $10.00


Simply Lavender Shower Gel
Simply Lavender Shower Gel

Don’t have time for a bubble bath?  Our shower gel is just the thing for you to still feel the relaxing and soothing hint of lavender.

Net wt. 8.5 fluid ounces | $10.00


Simply Lavender Bar Soaps
Simply Lavender Bar Soaps

Our handmade bar soaps have a rich gentle lather with a great aromas, leaving your hands clean and soft.  Available in simply lavender, lavender mint , and gardener’s grits.

Approx 4 ounces     |     $5.50